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 Min 150 cm -  Max 300 cm


 180 cm


220 cm

Standard sizes

W x H in cm

150 cm x 180 cm                   200 cm x 180 cm

150 cm x 200 cm                   250 cm x 180 cm

150 cm x 220 cm                   300 cm x 180 cm             

Customised sizes upon request


with eyelets,  loops  and  drapery hooks

Please Note: Gathered drapes require to double the about of fabric used


Special Knitted polyester D240 SE   240g/m2 ( fire retardant )

Drapery Hooks

Drapery Hooks



Curtain Rod,

Aluminium dia. 30 mm

Suitable for drapes with drapery tape

and drapery hook

Anodised profile with 2 slots

Custom length (50 cm - 250 cm)

Wall Bracket

Bracket for wall fastening, suitable

for all above 30 mm profile

Stainless Steel

Rod Bracket

Bracket for wall fastening,

Includes Allen Key

Aluminium, silver coloured anodised

Dia  60 mm,  Depth 50 mm

Drapery Hooks

Drapery hooks

Plastic, white

30 hooks / bag

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